Online Scheduling - Child Psychological Testing through Anthem Blue Cross

Online scheduling is available only for first time appointments. If you have received services with us previously, please contact your therapist/psychologist directly or call our office to make an appointment. Provider email addresses are available here

Please be aware that not all of our psychologists work with children of ALL ages. For example, some psychologists may only work with children who are over age 5, while others may only work with children who are over age 12. Please refer to the chart below to make sure you are scheduling with a psychologist who is appropriate for the age of your child. If an appointment is scheduled with a psychologist who does not work with your child's age group, then the appointment will be canceled and we will attempt to find a more appropriate psychologist to work with you and your child. 

Available Psychologists:                                          Works with Children Aged:

Victor Cordova, Psy.D.                                              0 - 18 years

Aaron Smith, Psy.D.                                                   0 - 18 years

Sepideh Adhami, Psy.D.                                            0 - 18 years

Priscilla Hsieh, Psy.D.                                                0 - 18 years

Scott Su, Ph.D.                                                             0 - 18 years

Scott Ballinger, Psy.D.                                                0 - 18 years

Glenda Ramos, Psy.D.                                                0 - 18 years, although prefers working with the 0 - 5 year old population

Matthew Glidden, Psy.D.                                           0 - 18 years 

Gregory Crawford, Psy.D.                                        14 - 18 years

Zyanya Mendoza, Psy.D.                                          14 - 18 years

Emin Gharibian, Psy.D.                                             14 - 18 years

Phone: 909-989-4055 (call or text message)

Fax: 909-989-8005



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