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What Happens When I Order an Evaluation:


1. Make payment through our secure site or send check or money order to the following address 3535 inland over Empire Boulevard Suite 36 Ontario, California


2. Provide a valid email address if you wish to receive the evaluations through email. You must have access to the Internet in order to lead the evaluations. If you do not wish to receive the results of your evaluation email that you will provide a mailing address where you wish the results to be sent.


3. Complete the assessments online. Depending upon the evaluation this process will take between one and a half to four hours. However, it is possible to save your work and return to the evaluations so that you are not required the all the tests in one sitting.


4. Within five business days you will receive an email requesting a time to go over the results of the evaluation.


5. Discuss the results with one of our qualified career counselors.


6. Continue to ponder the results on your own and discuss with friends and family to further refine your occupational and educational interests.


7. Make your decision and enjoy a wonderful career that matches with your personality and interests.


If you have questions or do not receive the emails as described above, please contact us at or call 855-669-1202. 


Dave Ramsey Fincial Peace Revisited - get aptitude testing and do work you love. There are numerous services to help people match their personality with a suitable marriage partner, but we are not aware of any service that matches personalities, skills and interests with a suitable job even though one will likely spend as much or more time at their occupation than with their spouse.  


The college/career assessment is designed for the following individuals:


Those of you currently in a full-time job or preparing for college are likely aware of the significant amount of time what invests in their career. The average adult will spend at least eight hours a day five days per week for 30 years working their occupation. Given that the average lifespan is XYZ this amounts to XYZ percent of your life spent working. Thus, it is an incredible amount of time to spend in a profession that does not suit you well and has led many to be disgruntled, dissatisfied and/or disenchanted with their life. However, one's career holds me more opportunity to augment their satisfaction and overall life. That is the goal of this assessment. I to help individuals find an ideal match between who they are as a person and what they will do with the significant majority of their adult life


1. The high school sophomore or junior or senior was not sure what to do after graduation or the uncertain if they want to pursue higher education.


2. The teenager who has lost motivation for academics dealing there is no valuable and result.


3. The college freshmen or sophomores who is having a difficult time deciding upon a career ends college major.


4. The adult who is looking for a part-time or second career.


5. The individual currently holding the individual individual who is currently underemployed or unemployed and looking for new career path or looking for a career path towards full-time employment.


6. The high school student who does not wish to pursue a four year bachelor's degree but is uncertain of career options available.


This assessment involves a battery of tests that are aimed at helping narrow down occupational and educational choices that would be most well-suited to individuals personality and interests. The evaluation will also provide more clarity in regard to the vast number of occupations that exists in the United States and the types of training that are required. 




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