"I have had the pleasure of working and consulting with Dr. Gunn in the past. Dr. Gunn writes excellent Independent Educational Evaluations, knows his discipline, and is a solid witness. I look forward to working with Dr. Gunn in the future and recommend him to others in my community."


- Hans Gillinger,  Officer at The Law Offices of Hans A. Gillinger, PLC

“I had occasion to speak with (the Marriage Family Therapist) this afternoon, who I met during her SENG seminar I attended during the Fall & who gave us your name and strongly encouraged me to seek a Neuropsychologist ... to handle a summary report of all the information/reports we already had (and seek) additional assessments for (our son) regarding school placement issues.........I told her for the second time, how VERY pleased we have been with all of your services and the fact that you have been exceptionally consistent & available and have gone far above and beyond the scope of the original report with your guidance. She shared with me that she was very happy to hear it and had received similar feedback about you from another client of hers!”
- Parent of an intellectually gifted elementary-age child
“I am so happy we met you today.  [My son] really liked you too and he feels you can help him/us.  I will buy the book [you recommended] tomorrow and follow all your advice. I am glad you referred me to the [other] psychological group as well. I have been looking for a parenting class in my area with no luck.”
  - Parent of a teenage boy

"I was just meeting with the kid's psychologist. She specializes in children with Autism and came highly recommended as you do also.  After she read your report and all of your suggestions she said you did a very good job and that she's not used to seeing so many recommendations in an IEE. Thank you again."


– Parent of a child diagnosed with Autism

Working with the Disability Rights Legal Center I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gunn on multiple cases. Dr. Gunn has been our Independent Educational Evaluator on multiple cases and I cannot imagine working with anyone else. Dr. Gunn is timely, professional, thorough, and above all else he has an impeccable understanding of his audience. Rather than write reports barking orders at a school district, he very peaceably, but passionately, establishes the strengths and weaknesses in the child's educational environment. Dr. Gunn is also very talented at verbalizing his findings so that anyone, no matter how limited in their understanding of the principles he is using, can understand and meaningfully participate. I look forward to working with Dr. Gunn in the future."
  -  Jake Richards, Esq. Attorney at Law Offices of Nguyen & Gribble 

“Dr. Gunn was highly recommended by an online Autism group.”


– Parent seeking an Independent Educational Evaluation for their child. 

“Dr. Gunn's resume is extensive in the area of academia...Dr. Gunn demonstrated that he was qualified to offer opinions relating to Student's academic needs...and the appropriateness of District's triennial assessment...Dr. Gunn's...testimony was credible and established that Student had historic deficits that required remediation.”


– Due Process Hearing Decision from Adrienne L. Krikorian, Administrative Law Judge, Office of Administrative Hearings

“You helped us [several years ago] when our son was having a hard time at [his school].  You diagnosed him with depression and withdrawal and tested him to make sure that he didn’t have ADHD. I’m happy to report that he has been at [a different school] for 3 years. He has lots of friends and is no longer depressed or withdrawn. We will always be grateful for your help as we made the decision to switch schools.”

– Parent of an elementary-aged child 

"Thank you so much for your [presentation] in December – it was SO interesting and helpful (not to mention funny). We received many compliments and 'thank you's from parents who attended the evening."


- Regarding Dr. Gunn's Intelligence and IQ Testing presentation at the Institute for Educational Advancement

"Powers Grewal law firm specializes in representing children and young adults with special needs in the plight for appropriate supports and services in the public-school system within Southern California.  As a result, we rely heavily upon vetted experts such as Dr. Timothy Gunn in empowering us to competently advocate for more services, appropriate placement, transitional plans, and effective training for life skills, among other services from public school districts.  Over the years, I have sought out Dr. Gunn’s private assessments and recommendations in situations where our legal advocacy for the child depended upon the strength of a comprehensive assessment performed by a reputable assessor, which included detailed clinical findings and recommendations for the child with disabilities.  Dr. Gunn has significant experience in assessing children with autism, knowledge of available community services, and experience in navigating the school system that sets him apart as an invaluable resource for us as attorneys and for parents who are fighting to improve the quality of life of their child with special needs.  I strongly recommend Dr. Gunn’s services for anyone requiring a comprehensive cognitive and psychological assessment to determine their child’s needs.

Thank you, Dr. Gunn, for your ongoing, conscientious dedication to children with special needs and their advancement!"


- Punam Grewal, Esq., Powers Grewal, A PLC.

The testimonials above are from individuals who have worked with Dr. Gunn in a variety of different capacities. In order to protect confidentiality, testimonials that are directly from clients or from the parents of clients did not have their name included and other identifying information was removed. 

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