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Hi, my name is Dr. Scott Su and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY30043) here at Gunn Psychological Services. As a psychologist I provide both neuropsychological testing and individual psychotherapy to clients. I have a background working in various medical centers, VAs, private hospitals, and in community mental health. Most of my work in neuropsychological testing involves evaluating individuals who may have developmental or cognitive disorders such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, dementia, traumatic brain injuries, and strokes.


With psychotherapy I try and employ an adaptive and flexible style suitable for the needs of each individual. Whether someone is seeking to overcome current stressors, interested in exploring themselves, or searching for greater purpose and meaning, I intend to meet people where they are at. My goal is to ultimately create a nonjudgmental and receptive space that fosters emotional safety and acceptance. More importantly, I view therapy as a collaborative process where therapist and client work together toward a common purpose. I want clients to feel heard, validated, and supported so that they can cultivate the skills necessary to develop autonomy, resilience, and self-efficacy in their lives. My professional principles have led me to espouse a client centered approach that integrates evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and other mindfulness techniques. Most of my work with clients involves tackling depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, relationship problems, and challenging life transitions. If you feel like any of these services may be useful to you, please feel free to contact our office. I’m also available via email to answer any questions. Looking forward to meeting!

Phone: 909-989-4055

Email: drsu@gunnpsych.com

Phone: 909-989-4055 (call or text message)

Fax: 909-989-8005

Email: info@gunnpsych.com


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