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Sharon Sanches, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Life can bring about seasons of change and unexpected challenge. As a licensed marriage and family therapist with over thirteen years of clinical experience working with children, adults and families, I have had the privilege of assisting many people along their personal path of healing.  I am honored to be among the dynamic clinical team at Gunn Psychological Services where we are dedicated to helping you find answers to questions you may be experiencing as you consider treatment for yourself or a loved one.


Seeking therapy can be a wonderful step in a positive direction towards hope and change. As a therapist I consider my role as a guide who partners with you in reaching your goals and promoting healthy intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness. I utilize evidence based treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Motivational Interviewing among others. The best treatment approach for you and your family is discussed as we begin the journey and the dialogue remains open regarding your goals and preferences along the way.


My clinical experience has included providing treatment for a variety of acuity levels in various settings such as outpatient clinics and schools. Depression, anxiety, adjustment, behavioral challenges, spiritual and relational impairments are among the challenges I have assisted families with. I have specialized training in working with children and families impacted by trauma such as sexual abuse, neglect and exposure to domestic violence. I have worked with families referred by the Department of Children and Family Services for several years in providing preventive services, parenting classes, therapy groups for all ages and assisting families in therapy during the aftermath of trauma and abuse in order to promote effective adjustment.


Additionally, I appreciate the opportunity to provide therapeutic resources to families and have published articles and children’s books related to topics such as coping with difficult emotions and adapting to stress.  As a clinical supervisor and adjunct faculty member I have provided training for students and Interns entering the field. I have assisted in program development and have provided training to other professionals in the community regarding best practices and approaches to treatment.


If you find yourself or a loved one in a challenging season, I invite you to consider therapy at Gunn Psychological Services as a meaningful step in your personal path of healing and hope. Having the assistance of an experienced therapist may promote opportunities for increased awareness and needed change.  I look forward to learning more about how I may be a partner with you along this important journey.

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