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Thank you for visiting Gunn Psychological Services. We are a group of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological services and referrals. We can assist you with whatever you may need to reach your highest potential. We are also very knowledgeable about the psychological community at large and can provide you with a referral to the appropriate service provider if we cannot help you ourselves. Many people may not know exactly the type of service that they require. For that reason, we are dedicated to consulting with you to join our expertise with your life experience and put you in touch with the person, group of people, service and/or organization to help you overcome any life obstacle and/or assist in general personal growth.



Gunn Psychological Services provides the following services: 


Individual, family, couples and group therapy

Developmental Assessment

Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Intellectual Giftedness Assessment

Autism Assessment

ADHD Assessment

Learning Disorder Assessment

College and Career Assessment

Independent Educational Evaluations




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